Rebecca Sandover, Associate Research Fellow

Currently working on Prof. Stephen Hinchliffe‘s Contagion project at The University of Exeter that is investigating the diffusion of ideas and cultural change through the means of social media as well as exploring such diffusions within the financial sector and through the spread of disease.

I  completed my PhD at The University of Exeter that researched cultural Allotment practices. This was undertaken on two allotment sites in Somerset. I am active within both Exeter Geography‘s NAMBIO research group as well as The RGS-IBG Social Cultural Geography Research Group where I was a postgraduate rep between 2011-2013 and am now the Conference Officer.

Post-doc research has involved developing data analysis skills including data visualisation from data scraped from Twitter via Scraperwiki. This approach has enabled the analysis of the role of Twitter in the formation of activism via  a case study of the 2013 Badgercull. The potential of these means to track the unfolding of cultural formation through information spread, adoption and repetition will be a focus of attention.

PhD research focused on two new allotment sites in Somerset where I explored human more-than-human encounters and the processes of developing practical knowledge through ethnographic and auto-ethnographic methods. For this I interviewed participants as well as growing veg on a plot myself and running cooking workshops on both sites. I am actively interested in Food, Local Food, Access to Food, the development of knowledge, community learning  and  human more-than-human investigations. The use of online platforms for the formation of cultural knowledge and community identities is a developing interest.


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